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What Is “Pasahero” In English? (Answers)

PASAHERO IN ENGLISH – This article will teach you about the English translation of the word “pasahero” based on the context of the sentence.

There are several Filipino words that don’t have a direct translation in English, that’s why we need context in order to fully translate them.

Pasahero In English

What is “Pasahero”?

“Pasahero” is a Tagalog term that refers to someone who is a traveler on a private or public conveyance other than the driver, pilot, or crew.

What is “Pasahero” in English?

“Pasahero” can be directly translated as “passenger”. The use of this word, however, may depend on the context of the sentence.

Here are some example sentences:

  1. Nanganak ang babaeng pasahero sa loob ng bus.
  2. Naghagis ng barya sa ilog ang isang pasaherong nakaupo sa tabi ni Leah.
  3. Tila natutulog ang isang pasahero sa loob ng dyip.
  4. Nag-usap si Carla at ang lalaking pasahero sa loob ng eroplano.

In English, these sentences could be translated as:

  1. The female passenger gave birth inside the bus.
  2. A passenger sitting next to Leah tossed a coin into the river.
  3. The passenger seemed to be asleep inside the jeepney.
  4. Carla had a conversation with a male passenger inside the plane.

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