Girlfriend Sells Ice Cream Cake to Pay the Hospital Bill of Sick Boyfriend

A girl is selling ice cream cake to help pay the hospital bill of her sick boyfriend

CAKE for BF’s HOSPITAL BILL – In order to help in paying the hospital bill of her boyfriend, a girl named Ara is selling ice cream cake.

ice cream cake for bf
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True love is hard to find. It may take a lot of time before finding someone with whom you may spend the rest of your life.

True love must also endure the down and trying times, especially the moments wherein life and death are at stake.

Speaking of true love, an 18-year-old girl caught the attention of netizens with her heartwarming effort in helping her boyfriend and his family since the guy was admitted to a hospital.

Aside from taking care of her boyfriend Ralph Mendoza while he’s at the hospital, Ara Hamor Ranas from Casiguran, Sorsogon sells ice cream cake to have extra money which will be used as payment for his hospital bills.

According to Ara, her boyfriend’s family has a store and street food stall, however, the income was not enough for his medical needs.

In a post, Ara shared that her boyfriend was admitted to a hospital after his body often collapses and stiffens due to low potassium levels.

It first happened while he was playing basketball and a month later, it happened again.

On July 26, Ralph was hospitalized again due to vomiting, eventually, his body collapsed.

Because of this, he was placed in the intensive care unit that’s why Ara is calling unto the public to buy her ice cream cake for the treatment of her boyfriend Ralph.

Her post has gone viral, touching the hearts of the netizens.

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