Couple Proves True Love Exists, Uses Tricycle as “Bridal Car”

Netizens Praise Lovely Couple For Using Humble Tricycle as “Bridal Car”

A couple proves that true love exists through simple wedding and even used a ‘tricycle’ as their bridal car.

Wedding is a marriage ceremony, especially considered as including the associated celebrations. It is an act where couple exchange vows in front of various visitors, witnesses, parents and initiating personnel to validate the event.

Wedding is also one of the most important events that a person could ever experience on its life how extravagant or simple it is.

Bridal Car

The Facebook page “Radyo TODO Iloilo” has shared inspiring photos of a lovely couple who tied the knot in a simple wedding ceremony. The post circulates online and earned praises from the netizens.

The couple Arbabe Tulayba and Joemarie Castañeda of Brgy. One Poblacion, Tigbauan, Iloilo proved their love for each other after tying the knot during a Mass Wedding in Brgy. Botong.

The lovers just used a humble ‘trike’ to go to the church instead of renting a bridal car. The trike had no expensive decorations except for some tin cans and a white cartolina with words written “Just Married”.

Bridal Car

The lovely couple did not even rent a venue for their wedding reception and just bought food from a pizza and Lechon stand along the way. The couple has been in a relationship for 16 years before deciding to tie the knot.

Joemarie works as a fisherman while Arbabe is a regular housewife. The two prove that true love cannot be measured by material things.

Bridal Car
Bridal Car

The netizens expressed their reactions to the post:

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