Romantic Guy Surprises GF w/ Unexpected Wedding Proposal at KFC

Inspiring Photos of Romantic Guy Surprising His Girlfriend with Unexpected Wedding Proposal at KFC Earn Praises Online

The heartwarming photos of a romantic guy making his wedding proposal to his girlfriend at KFC gone viral.

Marriage proposal is one of the most important events that could ever happen to a person’s life. Guys usually make a great preparation and exert a lot of effort to make their special someone happy.

Another man exert effort to take courage just to ask his beloved girlfriend to marry him. Luckily, the proposal succeed, which becomes a great relief to the romantic guy.

Romantic Guy

A Facebook user named Angela Gracella Nepomuceno has shared the photos of her boyfriend Jayson Santos proposing at her in a popular fast-food chain. The post earned different reactions from the netizens.

In the photos, it can be seen that Santos is smiling while holding the engagement ring and his phone with text written “Will you marry me?”. Angela got surprised on the unexpected proposal and gave her ‘yes’ to her boyfriend.

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Romantic Guy

The post has a caption of:

“Not the most expensive ring, but the most valuable!”

Di maalis na ngiti sa muka ko habang kumakain, Napaka epic!! Salamat kasi ikaw ang dumating at hindi iba! I love you



The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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