Wedding Video w/ Anime Theme Song Goes Viral Online

Video Editor Puts Anime Theme Song on Wedding Video

A wedding video with anime theme song is now circulating online and garnered praises from the social media users.

A Facebook user named Kris Gids has shared the video footage of a romantic wedding with anime theme song. The video immediately spread like a wildfire online and elicits comments from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the video contains multiple weddings of their clients. The video compilation looks like the usual wedding that can be seen in movies but it contains an anime theme song.

Anime Theme Song

Kris revealed that he compiled the wedding videos of their clients and applied the theme song of the popular Japanese anime “Naruto Shippuden” to the wedding video, which makes it unique and quite interesting.

The video editor also revealed that he loves watching anime and he usually listens to anime theme songs. He said that it gives more emotion and a different feel to the viewers.

Wedding video with Anime Theme Song

So naisip ko habang nag-e-edit ako ng mga wedding videos, bakit hindi ko pagmukhaing anime look ito at maging bago sa paningin ng iba?” Gids said.

Watch the video here

The editor captioned the video with:

“Yung adik ka sa anime tapos wedding video editor ka.”

The netizens lauded him for making such an amazing video:

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