Primrose Pacenio-Kong: From Being Acoustic Singer to Mommy to Attorney

The journey of Atty. Primrose Pacenio-Kong

PRIMROSE PACENIO-KONG – The lawyer shared her journey from being an acoustic singer to mommy to attorney.

Primrose Pacenio-Kong
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Primrose is one of those who passed the February 2022 bar exams.

Hailed from Carcar City, Cebu, she finished law at the University of San Jose-Recoletos in 2020, where she finished her pre-law course, Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Marketing, in 2016 as cum laude.

It was her dream to become a lawyer since high school.

In an interview with Cebu Daily News Life last May 8, she said that she did not pursue studying law when she finished her course because she needed to earn to support her family.

When she enrolled at the law school, she worked as an acoustic singer in hotels in Cebu.

She admitted that it’s difficult being a working student, at the same time, supporting her siblings.

Eventually, she learned how to manage her time.

In 2018, she got married to her long-time boyfriend.

Primrose continued studying law but she needs to adjust to her married life.

When she finished law school, she failed to get a bar exam in November 2020 and November 2021 due to the pandemic and when she gave birth.

She juggles her review and doing her responsibilities as wife and mom.

She needed to multi-task and despite her hectic schedule, she tend the needs of her baby.

That’s why when she passed the bar exam, it was very fulfilling.

Currently, Primrose works as legal staff in the mayor’s office of the Municipality of Barili.

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