Disgusting Car Driver Leaves Garbage at Parking Space

Video of Disgusting Car Driver Leaving Garbage at Parking Space Goes Viral Online

The video footage of a disgusting car driver dumping his garbage at a parking space goes viral and elicits comments online.

Nowadays, a lot of malls and other business establishments were offering parking space for their valued customers and clients. Owning a parking lot can also attract more customers who own vehicles.

Unfortunately, business establishments could not accommodate all vehicles because of limited parking space. Management usually impose first-come-first-serve basis to avoid conflict among customers.

Disgusting Car Driver

However, there are many drivers who failed to follow the basic road courtesy or rules. Some of them have no consideration for their fellow drivers and many of us wish that we could serve those drivers some street justice.

Users should also observe cleanliness within the parking lot and give courtesy to the next user.

The Facebook page “VISOR” has shared the video of a disgusting car driver who leaves his garbage in a parking space. The video immediately spread like a wildfire online and garnered reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that someone inside the car was dumping garbage in the parking space. The culprit did not hesitate to leave more garbage in the parking lot where no one can see it.

The vehicle driver’s irresponsible and inappropriate action will probably cause an inconvenience to the next user and to the management.

The video has a caption:

“We remember a word our father would use to describe this: SALAULA.”

The online community expressed their reactions to the video:

Disgusting Car Driver

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