Furious Resident Covers Double-Parking Car w/ Garbage

Video of Double-Parking Car Covered w/ Garbage Elicits Comments Online

A furious resident has covered a double-parking car with garbage to get justice after causing inconvenience in the area.

Nowadays, the authorities are implementing stricter traffic rules and regulations to prevent accidents and traffic congestion. Motorists and drivers are advised to observe road courtesy to avoid causing trouble along the road.

However, there are many drivers who failed to follow the basic road courtesy or rules. Some of them have no consideration for their fellow drivers and many of us wish that we could serve those drivers some street justice.

Double-Parking Car

The Facebook page “You Drive Like an A$sh0le (YDLAA)” has shared the video footage of a car covered with garbage for double parking. The video spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that there were actually a lot of empty parking spaces near the car but the driver just picked to park there and blocked other vehicles. It causes inconvenience to other vehicle drivers in the area.

Unfortunately, someone got mad towards the driver of the double-parking Vios and covered it with trash. The netizens were impressed after realizing that there is someone who is brave enough to do it in a public place.

Double parking is an act of illegal parking next to other vehicles, which were parked properly on a parking space. It could cause traffic congestion and prevent other vehicles to enter or exit from the parking space.

The online community expressed their reactions to the video:

Double-Parking Car

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