Lady Netizen Expresses Dismay Towards Cop Who Commits Traffic Violation

Lady Netizen Posts Photos of Cop Who Commits Traffic Violation

A lady netizen expressed her disappointment and sentiments towards a cop who reportedly committed a traffic violation.

The policemen are public servant who were tasked to secure the public’s safety from any form of terrorism and crimes. They are also tasked to implement the rules and regulations under their area of jurisdictions.

Cops should perform their jobs properly to maintain the peace and order in the country. They should also set as a good example towards others.

Lady Netizen

A Facebook user named Jennifer Lachica Catanglao has shared the photos of a police officer who committed a traffic violation after his backrider did not wear a crash helmet. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the photos, it can be seen that the policeman had his lady backrider without wearing a crash helmet or any safety gears while traveling along the road. It can be also notice that the motorcycle has no side mirrors.

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Catanglao expressed her sentiments because cops and traffic enforcers are quick to issue violation tickets towards ordinary Filipino people who will commit either a small or big traffic violation.

Lady Netizen
Lady Netizen

Here is the full post:

“grabe sa pilipinas . di patas talaga pag sila pwede!!! pag normal na tao at walang posisyon mabilis agad nagkaka violation sana pantay pantay lang dapat!!!! kayo na humusga sakanila!! partida wala din side mirror yung motor na yan …”

The online community lambasted the police officer for his irresponsible act:

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