Businesswoman Expresses Disappointment as Renters Leave Garbage in Van


Renters Leave Garbage in Van: Businesswoman Expresses Disappointment GARBAGE VAN? – A businesswoman expressed her disappointment after a group that rented her van left behind their garbage inside the vehicle. In a Facebook post, Jers Dela Cruz reminded the renters and clients that they had rented the van for comfortable transportation, not as a garbage … Read more

Disgusting Car Driver Leaves Garbage at Parking Space

Disgusting Car Driver

Video of Disgusting Car Driver Leaving Garbage at Parking Space Goes Viral Online The video footage of a disgusting car driver dumping his garbage at a parking space goes viral and elicits comments online. Nowadays, a lot of malls and other business establishments were offering parking space for their valued customers and clients. Owning a parking lot … Read more

Lady Junk Collector Found Tray of “Lechon” Inside Garbage & Consume It w/ Her Kids

Lady Junk Collector

Lady Junk Collector Feeds Her Children with Leftover “Lechon” from Garbage A lady junk collector found a tray of “lechon” at the garbage and consumed it with her children due to extreme poverty. The Facebook page “Reporter’s Notebook” has shared the photos of a lady junk collector named Shiela feeding her kids with the ‘lechon’ … Read more