Lady Junk Collector Found Tray of “Lechon” Inside Garbage & Consume It w/ Her Kids

Lady Junk Collector Feeds Her Children with Leftover “Lechon” from Garbage

A lady junk collector found a tray of “lechon” at the garbage and consumed it with her children due to extreme poverty.

The Facebook page “Reporter’s Notebook” has shared the photos of a lady junk collector named Shiela feeding her kids with the ‘lechon’ she found at the garbage. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Shiela found a tray of lechon from the garbage can as she was collecting junk in order to earn money to support the financial necessities of her children. She was so happy to found the meal, which could fill their stomach until the other day.

Lady Junk Collector

The poor woman just washed and cooked the leftover food well then consumed it with her kids. She is already collecting junks and other materials to earn money but the coronavirus pandemic makes their life harder.

The extreme poverty in life pushed her to collect junk and even eat ‘leftover’ food from garbage just to fill their empty stomach.

Lady Junk Collector

Here is the full post:

“Sa gitna ng pangangalakal ng basura ni Shiela, isang tray ng lechon ang nakita niya. Jackpot daw dahil hindi na nila poproblemahin ang ulam sa gabi at susunod na araw. Pagkatapos hugasan at iprito, sinamahan lang ng sawsawan, kumpleto na ang hapunan.

Dati na silang namumulot ng tapong pagkain sa basurahan pero ngayong may COVID-19, mas humirap pa raw ang buhay nila. Paano nga ba magutom ngayong may pandemya?

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