Nograles Says Even Cabinet Members “Clueless” About Duterte’s “Expose” On Presidential Bets

Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles: “Siguro abangan na lang natin sa next ‘Talk to the People’.”

KARLO NOGRALES — The Cabinet Secretary and acting Presidential Spokesperson said that even Cabinet members were “clueless” about President Rodrigo Duterte’s “expose” on presidential candidates for the 2022 elections.

Karlo Nograles
Photo: Office of the Presidential Spokesperson / Facebook

Nograles said in an interview with CNN Philippines that he has no idea what information the President has on the presidential candidates. He also appealed to the public to just wait for President Duterte to make the revelations himself.

Personally, not yet. He has not told us personally or named them,” Nograles said. “Siguro abangan na lang natin sa next “Talk to the People”. Baka doon na, magsasalita na siya about the details or information that he has that he wants to share with the people.

The acting Palace spokesman made the statement after President Duterte said early this week that he would soon reveal some dirt on the presidential candidates in the 2022 elections.

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President Duterte’s weekly “Talk to the People” was a pre-recorded public address/meeting with key Cabinet members leading the country’s fight against the pandemic.

The President’s “Talk to the People” public address/meeting usually aired late Monday evening and sometimes, another episode was aired the same week.

President Duterte
Photo: PCOO

In an episode aired on Tuesday morning, the President said that he will name the presidential candidates and what he thought was wrong with them as the public deserved to know the truth.

While not mentioning any names of presidential candidates, the President described one candidate as “unworthy” and another male candidate as “too corrupt”.

Of all the Palace hopefuls, the President said that everyone has issues “except one”. Despite this, President Duterte said that the decision was still up to the voters.

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  1. Why wait? Do it now… So that the people will know right away. Baka katulad din nung issue kay Senator Gordon. Hanggang expose lang pero up to now wala ding nangyari. Nakasuhan ba?


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