Nograles Says President Duterte’s “Revelations” About Presidential Bets Based On “Vetted Intel Reports”

President Duterte’s “revelations” about the presidential aspirants will be based on “vetted intel reports”, according to Nograles.

NOGRALES — President Duterte’s “revelations” about the presidential aspirants for the 2022 elections will be based on “vetted intelligence reports” to which only the President would have access.

Cabinet Secretary and acting Presidential Spokesperson Karlo Nograles gave this assurance to the public during the Presidential press conference on Tuesday, January 25, wherein he was asked how credible such revelations would be.

Karlo Nograles
Photo: Office of the Presidential Spokesperson / Facebook

Sinabi naman ni Pangulo kagabi na syempre, as President, he has [a] wide array of sources of information,” Nograles said, referring to the “Talk to the People” public briefing that the President led on Monday night. “Bilang Pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas, syempre marami po siyang mga sources, vetted intel reports and other various sources at his disposal.

Nograles told the public to wait for President Duterte’s further pronouncements on the matter.

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In the pre-taped portion of the “Talk to the People” public briefing aired Tuesday morning, the President announced that he would soon tell the public about the alleged negative issues hounding the so-called “presidentiables”.

The President even gave a couple of teasers as he described one presidential aspirant as “too corrupt” and another as “unworthy” of the highest post in the land.

The President has assailed practically all of the presidential aspirants in the past.

However, the President shunned political talk in his late-night briefings during the past two months as he focused on the ongoing pandemic and the crisis caused by typhoon “Odette”.

Nograles also stressed that the President knew that it’s his duty as the President to inform the public and it’s up to the people what they will do with the information.

Meanwhile, presidential aspirant Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said that it’s the President’s right to name the presidential candidates who were supposedly unfit for the top post.

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