Beki Customer Caught on Camera Stealing Cash From Bag Left in Karinderya

Video of Beki Customer Stealing Cash From Bag Left in Karinderya Earns Criticisms Online

ROBBERY INCIDENT – CCTV camera caught a heartless beki customer stealing cash from a bag left inside a karinderya.

Nowadays, robbery has been very rampant in various countries all around the world. A lot of suspects commit robbery due to extreme poverty and lack of job opportunities in the Philippines.

The police authorities and the government have been implementing stricter policy to prevent such incidents but the rate of crime continues to increase throughout the years.

Beki Customer

The Facebook page “SIRBISU” has shared the video footage of a heartless beki stealing money from a bag left unattended inside a small restaurant. The video circulates online and elicits comments online.

In the video, it can be seen that a beki customer is ordering foods from a karinderya and started to find a seat. She found a bag from the table and choose to seat at the spot with a selfish motive.

The customer seems to be busy in attending something such as combing his hair and getting utensils. After a few moments, the customer stealthily took the cash she found from a bag left inside the small restaurant.

The bag is reportedly owned by the karinderya owner, which contains the income of the small food business during that day. The suspect allegedly stole more than P5, 000 from the bag and transferred to another spot after performing the crime.

Beki Customer

The CCTV camera inside the karinderya caught the suspect’s illegal activity. The incident reportedly happened at Paknaan, Mandanue City, Cebu.

The online community expressed their reactions to the video:

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