Customer Feeds Leftover Samgyeopsal to Dogs to Avoid Extra Fee


Customer Elicits Reactions for Feeding Leftover Samgyeopsal to Dogs An unlimited samgyeopsal customer sparked online reactions after feeding leftover food to dogs to avoid paying a leftover fee. Unlimited samgyeopsal, also known as Korean barbecue, offers a delightful feast for food enthusiasts seeking a unique dining experience. Originating from South Korea, samgyeopsal translates to “three-layered … Read more

Customer Says Directly Addressing Complaints More Effective Than Social Media Rants


Customer Directly Addresses Complaints Instead of Making Social Media Rants A lady customer says that addressing her complaints directly to the concerned person is more effective than social media rants. Recently, Anna Belle, a Facebook user, shared her positive experience after choosing to address her complaint directly to the concerned person rather than venting on … Read more

Bakery Closes Temporarily for Bible Study Session


Humble Bakery Closes Temporarily to Study Word of God WORD OF GOD – A humble bakery earns admiration online after deciding to close temporarily for a Bible study session. Recently, Richard Duldulao, a user on Facebook, shared a photo of a bakery that closed its doors temporarily to make time for a Bible study session. … Read more

Customer Airs Disappointment After Being Deceived by Fish Vendor “Kulang yung parte ng isda”


Female Customer Expresses Frustration After Being Deceived by Fish Vendor A female customer expressed her disappointment after being deceived by a fish vendor, claiming, “Kulang yung parte ng isda.” The Facebook account, Ag Dollthreadsph, shared her disappointment after an alleged deception by a fish vendor. The post quickly went viral and garnered various reactions from … Read more

Intense Confrontation Between Delivery Rider & Customer Elicits Comments Online

Intense Confrontation

Video of Intense Confrontation Between Delivery Rider and Customer Goes Viral The intense confrontation between a delivery rider and a customer went viral and elicited reactions from the netizens. The act of opening packages before they are officially delivered has recently ignited a heated debate in the field of home deliveries. From the customer’s point … Read more