Male Thief Secretly Performs Robbery in Broad Daylight (Actual Video)

Male Thief Caught on Camera While Performing Robbery in Broad Daylight

The actual video footage of a male thief who secretly performed his act of robbery in broad daylight goes viral online.

Robbery has been one of the most common crimes happening not only in the Philippines but also in various countries all around the world. Thieves were just waiting for the perfect time to perform their act.

A Facebook user named Ria Cenabre has shared the video footage of a male thief stealing parts of a vehicle during broad daylight. The video immediately spread like a wildfire online and elicits comments from the social media users.

Male Thief

In the video, it can be seen that a man wearing a black shirt stopped in front of a blue vehicle and act like urinating. The suspect for a couple of minutes while waiting for the perfect time to perform his illegal activity.

After a few moments, the culprit has started open the vehicle’s hood after maneuvering it from behind. The robber successfully opened the hood and stole some parts of the unattended vehicle.

The guy eventually took the parts he needed including the battery and placed it inside his pocket. The culprit act like nothing happened after stealing the vehicle’s mechanical parts and immediately leave the area.

The incident reportedly happened at Sampaloc, Manila around 12:53 pm.

Here is the full post:

“Mag ingat ang lahat! Kalat na ang mga magnanakaw!

Ilang minuto nakatalikod ka ! Pag magnanakaw naka masid sayo siguradong talentado!!!!!!


EXACTLY 12:53PM – tanghaling tapat!!!!

The online community expressed their reactions to the video:

Male Thief

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