Male Thief Seeks Help After His Leg Got Stuck on Victim’s House

Rescuers Save Male Thief Who Got Stuck on Victim’s House After Attempted Robbery

OTON, ILOILO – A male thief has sought help after his leg got stuck at the steel fence of his victim’s house during attempted robbery.

Robbery has been very rampant in different countries all around the world. Most suspects have no choice but to steal just to earn a huge amount of cash in an instant due to lack of job opportunities.

Most thieves were carefully planning their moves to avoid getting caught by authorities. Robbers could face jail time and corresponding penalties if caught.

Male Thief

A certain man identified as Genald Magallanes has been spotted stuck at the steel fence of his victim’s house in Barangay Poblacion South. The guy seeks help from the family after experiencing extreme pain because of his injury.

Magallanes who is the former caretaker of the house spends nearly 30 minutes before the rescuers successfully removed him from the fence. He was rushed to the hospital after the rescue operation.

Assistant Chief Tanod of Barangay Poblacion South said that the SK chairman informed him about the incident.

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The house owner’s nephew identified as alias “Bingo” heard the suspect’s voice asking for help while agonizing because of his situation. He immediately reported it to the authorities.

Alias Bingo first hear a noise at their kitchen but neglected it. He also noticed some missing items from the house and assumed that the suspect stole valuables before trying to escape.

Male Thief

“Mako conclude natin na may masama talagang balak ang suspek dahil may nakita ang may ari na nanakaw,” the latter said.

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