Fearless Customer Disarmed Suspects Trying to Rob Gas Station

Netizens Praises Fearless Customer Who Disarmed Suspects Trying to Rob Gas Station

The video footage of a fearless customer who disarmed three suspects who tried to rob a gasoline station using his barehands goes viral.

Earlier this week, three suspects entered a Chevron, located at 10747 S. Fortuna Road – Yuma, Arizona. One of the suspects were armed with a handgun and point the weapon towards the cashier.

A store customer intervened and quickly disarmed the armed man prompting his colleagues to immediately escape and leave the establishment.  The two criminals quickly ran away after witnessing how the man stopped their colleague.

Fearless Customer

The brave guy was able to disarmed and detain the suspect inside the store until the police authorities and law enforcement arrived in the store. The incident happened at the Chevron located at 10747 E. North Frontage Road last Wednesday, October 20, 2021.

According to the report, the suspect was a juvenile and booked into the Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center for one count of armed robbery and one count of aggravated assault.

The police authorities are still investigating the incident to locate the two other suspects. Luckily, no one gets injured during the incident.

The cops also discovered that the fearless customer previously served in the United States Marine Corps. The unnamed man said that Marine Corps did not taught him to mess around.

Fearless Customer

On Friday, (October 22), Yuma County Sheriff’s Office investigators arrest the juvenile involved in the incident.

The online community expressed their reactions to the incident:

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