Apple Now Working On Foldable iPhone Prototypes — Report

Apple was currently working on foldable iPhone prototypes, according to a report.

Apple was currently working on its foldable iPhone prototypes, according to a report. However, the launch schedule was unknown as of this writing.

Apple Foldable iPhone Prototypes
Photo source: 9to5Mac

In November 2020, a certain report citing Chinese suppliers claimed that Apple started testing foldable iPhones for a launch in 2022.

However, Bloomberg on Friday corroborated the said rumor with a new report about Apple was currently working on an iPhone with a foldable screen.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple was developing a new iPhone model that can be folded and the said version was expected to compete with similar Samsung devices such as Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold.

However, it wasn’t clear whether Apple’s folding iPhone would see the light of day.

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The said report mentioned that Apple engineers had been internally testing prototypes of folding displays for some time, but plans to actually launch a certain device like this were still unknown.

Citing a source familiar with the subject, 9to5Mac reported that Apple didn’t yet have a fully-functional folding device, which means that the said prototype was still in an early development stage and may never be launched.

Apple’s design team, as per the report, had been discussing multiple options for the folding iPhone — including a device that has the same display size as Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max when unfolded.

At least for now, the prototypes of folding displays that Apple had been testing have a “mostly invisible hinge” behind the display.

If Apple decided to launch a foldable iPhone, this would probably be the most radical change to the iPhone since the introduction of Apple’s iPhone X.

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Companies like Motorola and Samsung had been launching foldable devices for some time now, but some of them still didn’t offer a great user experience.

For this year, Apple was expected to introduce its upgraded versions of the iPhone 12 with the same design, although Bloomberg reported that the company wanted to add an in-screen Touch ID on the 2021 iPhones.

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