Geneva Cruz Slams Basher Who Told her “Don’t sing anymore kasi ang tanda mo na!”

Geneva Cruz lambasted a netizen who told her that she must stop singing because she’s too old.

Geneva Cruz
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The singer-actress rebuked the basher and told her not to speak because she was just putting herself in extreme shame.

In fairness to Geneva Cruz, she is already 44 but still looks like a teenager. Many do not believe that she has now a child who is 24 years old.

She said in an Instagram post: “People always ask me if I have a 24-year-old son talaga kasi hindi raw ako mukhang 44… mukha raw akong 34.”

“Yeah, my face and body look 34, but my back [due to scoliosis] and eyesight [make me] feel 54. Haha!” added the former member of the OPM group, Smokey Mountain.

In one part of her post, Geneva Cruz recalls her confrontation with a basher: “One ignorant woman on Facebook commented, and sabi n’ya, ‘Don’t sing anymore kasi ang tanda mo na!’ (What?!?! May age limit pala ang pagkanta! Lol).”

“Sabi ko, ‘You sound so smart when you’re not talking, so please… don’t open your mouth and quit embarrassing yourself,” she noted.

She added: “Pasensya na kasi pinaka ayoko sa lahat ‘yung nagmamarunong pero walang laman ‘yung ulo, pati puso wala rin. Bullies irritate me.”

It can be recalled that it was just recently when she went to the image-sharing site, Instagram wherein she admitted about the beauty enhancement she went through at the age of 16.

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