Motorola One Fusion, One Fusion+ To Launch ‘End Of Q2’, Says Leakster

Motorola will launch Motorola One Fusion and Motorola One Fusion+ at the ‘end of Q2’, according to a leakster.

A leakster revealed that Motorola will launch its two upcoming smartphones, the Motorola One Fusion and Motorola One Fusion+, this quarter.

Screenshot from teaser video of Motorola

This, as Evan Blass tweeted on his account that these smartphones will launch at the “end of Q2” of 2020, with codenames “Titan” for One Fusion and “Liberty” for One Fusion+.

Aside from the possible Fusion series smartphones, Blass also tweeted that Motorola will also launch its upcoming handset with codename “Odyssey”.

Motorola has yet to confirm if these claims were true. Also, Motorola will host its own Flagship Launch E-vent on April 22, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. CDT.

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