Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, Takes COVID-19 Test During Live TV

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took a COVID-19 test during his televised briefing.

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, took a COVID-19 test on Sunday (US time) during his televised briefing.

This, as Cuomo encouraged fellow New York residents who had symptoms or had been exposed to COVID-19 or coronavirus disease 2019. In his televised briefing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told the public that they don’t need to be “New York tough to take that test”, added that they had to be smart, united, disciplined and they also had to love their own self, their families, and New Yorkers as well.

Andrew Cuomo
Photo: The New York Times (via video’s thumbnail)

Cuomo’s COVID-19 Test

During the televised briefing, he demonstrated how fast the nasal swab test was conducted. A nurse — wearing her protective gown, mask, and face shield — had instructed Cuomo to keep his head up and close his eyes for comfort before inserting a nasal swab in order to take a sample.

After the test, he described his feeling as he’s “not in pain” and “not in discomfort”, adding that there’s no reason why they shouldn’t get a test. He also said that he had tested positive if he can’t report to his office tomorrow (US time).

As per the report, Cuomo had previously tested several times and it was the first time that he took a test publicly — via televised briefing.

The governor of New York said that the criteria for being tested for coronavirus disease had been expanded, including those who had flu-like symptoms, people who were about to return to their respective work, medical and nursing-home personnel, and those who had in contact or exposed to a person with COVID-19.

As of this writing, the United States reported a total of over 1.5 million confirmed COVID-19 cases.

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