Penshoppe Noticed Video of Young Lady Crying After Losing ‘Penshoppe’ Slippers


Viral Video of Young Lady Crying After Losing Her ‘Penshoppe’ Slippers Noticed by Penshoppe Penshoppe noticed the video footage of a young lady crying after losing her ‘Penshoppe’ slippers while sharing her painful experience with her boyfriend. The Facebook page “Penshoppe” noticed the video footage uploaded by Eva Caliso Donton featuring her friend Angel Genilla … Read more

Cherry Pie Picache Reacts to Coco Martin’s Statement on Viral Video

Cherry Pie Picache

Pinay Actress Cherry Pie Picache Reacts to Coco Martin’s Viral Statement The Filipina actress Cherry Pie Picache finally expressed her reaction regarding the statement of Coco Martin on his viral video. “Ang Probinsyano” actor Coco Martin becomes the headlines of numerous social media pages and local news outlets after expressing his tirade against the government … Read more

Lani Mercado Mistakenly Calls Coronavirus Disease as “COVID-14”

Lani Mercado

Lani Mercado Elicits Comments Online After Calling Coronavirus Disease as “COVID-14” The video footage of Lani Mercado mistakenly called the Coronavirus Disease as “COVID-14” goes viral after it was posed online. Over the past few months, the coronavirus disease or formerly known as the novel coronavirus (nCoV) has been one of the most discussed topics … Read more

Teens Play ‘Intense’ Beyblade Battle, Goes Viral


Teens went viral after playing an “intense” Beyblade battle. A certain video caught the attention of the netizens when these teens were playing an “intense” Beyblade battle inside their house. This, as Patrick Ian Vista Dajotoy posted a video on his Facebook account, showing their “intense” battle between these teens. In this video, these teens … Read more