Lady Removes Underwear To Use As Face Mask In Grocery Store

Lady Removes Underwear To Use As Face Mask After Security Threatened To Kick Her Out UNDERWEAR FACE MASK – A lady removes her underwear inside a grocery store and used it as a face mask after security guards threatened to kick her out. Amid the pandemic, public places such as grocery stores imposed certain health … Read more

Anne-Marie Reacts To ‘2002’ Cover Of Ms. Everything

Anne-Marie Ms Everything

Here’s a reaction from Anne-Marie after watching Ms. Everything’s viral cover of “2002”. Anne-Marie, a British singer-songwriter, recently reacted to Ms. Everything’s “2002” cover during MYXclusive interview with MYX VJs Samm Alvero and Ai dela Cruz. This, as Ericka Camata — a 20-year-old TikTok user from Samar who was also known as “Ms. Everything” — … Read more