Lady Removes Underwear To Use As Face Mask In Grocery Store

Lady Removes Underwear To Use As Face Mask After Security Threatened To Kick Her Out

UNDERWEAR FACE MASK – A lady removes her underwear inside a grocery store and used it as a face mask after security guards threatened to kick her out.

Amid the pandemic, public places such as grocery stores imposed certain health policies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Among these basic policies is of course, wearing face masks.

But, an unnamed woman inside a grocery store didn’t bring a face mask with her while shopping. As such, security guards asked her if she could put one on.

Lady Removes Underwear To Use As Face Mask In Grocery Store

However, it seemed like the lady had no intention of wearing a a mask whatsoever. Because of this, the security guards threatened to remove her from the supermarket.

Unfortunately for the security guards, this did not make the lady happy. Instead of complying with the requests of the authorities, she removed her thong from under her dress and used that as a face mask.


Well, personally, I find it acceptable: It is a mask. And quite frankly, I think the bacteria on your knickers is less than on the mask. So well done to you. Brilliant.

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