Netizen “Blames” Ricci Rivero for KathNiel Breakup

Ricci Rivero

Ricci Rivero “blamed” for the breakup of KathNiel RICCI RIVERO – A netizen jokingly blamed the basketball star for the breakup of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, popularly known as KathNiel. Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, who are famous Kapamilya actors, shared on Instagram that they have broken up after being together for 11 years. … Read more

Leren Mae Bautista Clarifies “Laundry” Posts: “We’re just making fun of us na lang”

Leren Mae Bautista

Leren Mae Bautista on “laundry” posts LEREN MAE BAUTISTA – The councilor of Los Baños, Laguna made a clarification about the “laundry” posts she posted on Instagram Stories. It can be recalled that she posted on Instagram Stories where she told her boyfriend “Wag ka maglaba, ako na.” Aside from this, she also posted a … Read more

Ricci Rivero is Aware of the Secret Meeting Between Daniel Padilla and Andrea Brillantes?

Ricci Rivero

Cristy Fermin believes Ricci Rivero is aware of the secret meeting between Daniel and Andrea RICCI RIVERO – The basketball player allegedly seemed to be aware of the secret meeting between his ex-girlfriend, Kapamilya star Andrea Brillantes, and fellow artist Daniel Padilla. In the latest episode of “Showbiz Now Na” on Monday, November 20, showbiz … Read more

Rendon Labador Reacts After Being Teased that He and Ricci Rivero are “Siblings”

Rendon Labador and Ricci Rivero

Here’s the reaction of Rendon Labador to post that he and Ricci Rivero are “siblings’ RENDON LABADOR – The so-called motivational speaker reacted after being teased that he and Ricci Rivero are indeed siblings because of being “Marites.” Rendon responded to a Facebook post claiming that he and Ricci are siblings in real life because … Read more

Paolo Rivero Defends Son Ricci Rivero After He Was Called ‘User’, ‘Namera’, ‘May Sugar GF’ and ‘Cheater’

Paolo Rivero and Ricci Rivero

Ricci Rivero defended by his dad Paolo Rivero PAOLO RIVERO – The father of Ricci Rivero defended his son against continuous harassment and negative comments. Rivero took to social media, addressing the ongoing criticisms and defending his son against allegations. Without explicitly naming Andrea, many speculated that some parts of Paolo’s message were directed toward … Read more

Leren Mae Bautista Admits Damage Has Been Done But Truth Will Prevail

Leren Mae Bautista

Leren Mae Bautista left a cryptic post after facing criticism regarding her relationship with Ricci Rivero LEREN MAE BAUTISTA – The girlfriend of basketball star Ricci Rivero took to social media to share cryptic words about hurtful comments that deeply affected her. On October 21, Ricci publicly confirmed his relationship with Leren through an Instagram … Read more