Truck Carrying 75 Pigs Falls Off the Cliff in Nueva Vizcaya

Truck with pigs

Cargo Truck w/ Pigs Fell in Nueva Vizcaya Cliff after “Losing Break” TRUCK – A cargo vehicle carrying 75 pigs supposedly off to Tuguegarao City fell off the cliff in Nueva Vizcaya. One of the unfortunate truths is that accidents can happen anywhere. It can be triggered by reckless behaviors or simply out of something … Read more

Policeman Shot By 2 Unidentified Suspects in Nueva Vizcaya


Investigation on Case of Policeman Shot in Nueva Vizcaya Ongoing POLICEMAN – A Filipino cop was shot by two (2) still unidentified suspects in Nueva Vizcaya when he was about to enter his boarding house. Unfortunately, there are several unexpected incidents that take place across the nation daily. Some of these incidents have left people … Read more

Car Mechanic Dragged by Vehicle while Repairing It in Nueva Vizcaya

Car Mechanic

Car Mechanic in Nueva Vizcaya Meets Unexpected Accident while Repairing Vehicle CAR MECHANIC – A 40-year-old mechanic of vehicles was dragged by the van he was repairing in Nueva Vizcaya. Truth be told that in the Philippines, most drivers really prefer to have their cars repaired by their trusted mechanics even if the fixing will … Read more