Diwata Called ‘Dugyot’ by Mystica

Diwata and Mystica

Pares vendor-turned-social media personality Diwata received criticism from former singer-actress Mystica. In a Facebook video, Mystica slammed Diwata, calling the latter “dugyot,” and expressed strong words about his paresan or his food business.

Mystica Slams Diwata, Calls Pares Vendor ‘Dugyot’


Mystica has a furious message for Diwata MYSTICA – The former singer-actress expressed her disappointment with how Diwata interacts with his fans and manages his business. In a Facebook post, Mystica, who is now living in the United States, criticized Diwata for seeming uninterested in engaging with his customers. However, Mystica observed that Diwata was … Read more

Mystica is Now an Executive Sous Chef in the US?


Mystica claims she’s now a sous chef in the US MYSTICA – The former singer-actress has decided to try something new by becoming a chef in Las Vegas after stopping her work in showbiz and as a vlogger in the Philippines. On January 3, she took to the social networking site Facebook, where she happily … Read more

Mystica Slams the Person Who Filed a Case Against Her Deceased Son: “Gusto pa niyang hukayin at ipakulong yung pumanaw na!”


The deceased son of Mystica has been charged with Cyber Libel MYSTICA – The singer/actress expressed her deep disappointment upon learning that her late son, Stanley Villanueva, had received a subpoena as he was being charged by someone. Stanley passed away on March 20 due to various health issues, and Mystica held Maria Paolo Hines … Read more

Mystica Kisses Pambansang Kolokoy (WATCH)

Mystica and Pambansang Kolokoy

Viral video of Mystica kissing Pambansang Kolokoy MYSTICA – A video wherein the internet celebrity whose real name is Ruby Rose Villanueva can be seen kissing Pambansang Kolokoy has gone viral on social media. Mystica or Ruby Rose Mauanay Villanueva in the real life is an actress who starred in television series and movies such … Read more

Security Personnel Who “Humiliated” Mystica, Fired


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Mystica Expresses Disappointment after Being “Humiliated” by Mall’s Security Personnel


Singer-vlogger Mystica allegedly humiliated by a security personnel at a mall MYSTICA – The comedian-turned-vlogger took to social media wherein she expressed her disappointment after being “humiliated” by security personnel. Recently, she went to a mall alongside her son for a shopping spree. At one point, she stopped by a store selling equipment and devices … Read more

Mystica Defends Ping Medina After Being Criticized for Begging Money on Social Media

Mystica and Ping Medina

Here’s the message of Mystica on bashers of Ping Medina MYSTICA – The comedian-turned-vlogger defended actor Ping Medina from bashers after he was criticized for begging for financial help on social media. On Sunday, July 25, Ping admitted that he has run out of money due to business losses and a series of misfortunes this year. Although … Read more