Mystica Slams the Person Who Filed a Case Against Her Deceased Son: “Gusto pa niyang hukayin at ipakulong yung pumanaw na!”

The deceased son of Mystica has been charged with Cyber Libel

MYSTICA – The singer/actress expressed her deep disappointment upon learning that her late son, Stanley Villanueva, had received a subpoena as he was being charged by someone.

Stanley passed away on March 20 due to various health issues, and Mystica held Maria Paolo Hines responsible for his untimely demise. Mystica claimed that Hines was attempting to collect payment for Stanley’s debt.

Recently, the singer-actress shared a court order on social media, revealing that Hines had filed charges against Stanley. Mystica claimed that all the statements her late son made, which were posted publicly, were true and intended for public awareness. According to her, Stanley needed his freedom of speech to share the complete truth and defend himself against false accusations. Mystica asserted that all her son’s statements were supported by evidence and facts.

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On the other hand, Mystica hoped that Hines would feel a sense of fear for her actions. She criticized Hines for wanting to exhume and imprison someone who had already passed away. The actress-singer believed that Hines was delusional and expressed her wish that she would be given a severe punishment by a higher power to make her realize the consequences of her actions. Notably, Mystica mentioned that Hines worked as a flight stewardess.

The singer-actress made a vow to file countercharges against Hines upon her return to the Philippines. Her followers, who knew Stanley as a kind-hearted person, expressed their support for the actress. As of now, Hines has not made any comments regarding Mystica’s statements against her.

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