Mystica is Now an Executive Sous Chef in the US?

Mystica claims she’s now a sous chef in the US

MYSTICA – The former singer-actress has decided to try something new by becoming a chef in Las Vegas after stopping her work in showbiz and as a vlogger in the Philippines.

On January 3, she took to the social networking site Facebook, where she happily shared that she got a job as an ‘executive sous chef’ at an Italian restaurant there. She felt proud because they hired her after she took a five-hour test to show she was good at cooking.

Even though it was her first time making dough, she still got a high-up job. Mystica believes that one day, she’ll be the main chef. Now, as a chef, Mystica didn’t change her strong attitude. Some fans asked her for money, but she replied saying she works hard for every cent or dollar she earns.

She also had something to say to people who criticized her. Mystica mentioned that she can work on her own without depending on anyone. “KUNG KAYA KONG TIISIN ANG MAGTRABAHO SA HARAPAN NG MAINIT NA APOY MAGHAPON BILANG CHEF, KAYA NIYO RING MAGTRABAHO PARA DI UMASA SA IBANG TAO!” she confidently stated.

Last year was tough for Mystica following the passing of her son, Stanley Villanueva.

Meanwhile, Mystica, whose real name is Ruby Rose Mauanay Villanueva, is a former actress and singer. She has been known for her roles in television series and movies, including notable appearances in Ang Probinsyano (2015), D’ Uragons (2002), and Pipo (2009). Mystica gained recognition as a singer and was dubbed the “Split Queen” for her flexibility and acrobatic performances.

Apart from her entertainment career, Mystica has been active on social media, expressing her views on various issues, particularly those related to the entertainment industry. She has been known for her strong and outspoken personality both on and off the screen.

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