Jealous Husband Tears OFW Wife’s Passport and Plane Ticket at NAIA, Preventing Her Departure

The passport and plane ticket of a wife were torn by her jealous husband

JEALOUSY – A 31-year-old Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) named “Myra,” scheduled to depart for Doha, Qatar, on January 10, 2024, was unable to proceed after her jealous husband, Jonard Banate, 34, tore up her passport and plane ticket at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal.

Upon their meeting, Jonard forcibly took Myra’s cell phone, later tossing it away. Shockingly, he also seized her passport and plane ticket, tearing them apart. Myra, devastated and in tears, was left stranded, unable to proceed with her journey.

The Philippine National Police Aviation Security Group promptly intervened upon hearing Myra’s distress. Jonard was apprehended, though the damage to Myra’s travel documents had already been done, preventing her departure from the Philippines.

Myra recounted the altercation, revealing that her husband’s jealousy and violent tendencies triggered the confrontation. “Hinihila niya ako, dadalhin daw niya ako doon sa Batangas. Ang sabi ko, ‘Hindi puwede,'” she said. “Nagpalag ako. E, hinila niya ako. E, bigla na lang niya kinuha ang cellphone ko, tapos binato niya. Sunod yung passport ko. Pinunit niya yung front page ng passport ko, tapos ticket ko,” she added.

During an earlier disagreement in Roxas City, Capiz, where Myra had returned for a month-long vacation, Jonard had become physically abusive due to unfounded jealousy. Myra, having endured previous instances of violence when Jonard consumed alcohol, had decided to separate from him.

Myra has since filed complaints against Jonard, citing violations of Republic Act 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children), physical injury, and the Philippine Passport Act. She is determined to pursue legal action against her husband.

Jonard, however, has chosen not to provide any statements regarding the incident. As the legal process unfolds, Myra remains resolute in seeking justice, hoping to hold her husband accountable for his actions.

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