Former Teacher Who Migrates in Italy Now Earns P120k/Month

Former Teacher

Former Teacher Migrates in Italy to be With his Wife & Now Earns P120k/Month A former teacher in the Philippines who choose to leave and migrated to Italy now earns P120, 000 per month from farming. A former teacher named Lito Mandigma ha shared his inspiring story after leaving his teaching profession in the country … Read more

OFW in Kuwait Receives Live Duckling Instead of Fresh Balut from PH


From fresh balut to live duckling Instead of fresh balut, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Kuwait received a live duckling when he opened the ordered package from the Philippines. Balut is a fertilized developing egg embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. It is commonly sold as street food in South China … Read more

OFW in UAE Wins 136 Million Pesos in Lottery

UAE lottery winner

OFW in UAE brings home a whopping PHP136 million after winning the lottery An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) won AED10 million or a whopping PHP136 million in a lottery. 52-year-old Paterio won in the weekly lottery called Mahzooz in UAE. The formal awarding to Paterio took place on … Read more

OFW in Dubai Receives Brand-New Car from Supercar Blondie

Supercar Blondie

A brand-new car for a deserving OFW in Dubai from Supercar Blondie SUPERCAR BLONDIE – An overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Dubai received a brand-new car from the famous vlogger thanks to the nomination of his employer. On March 29, 2021, the YouTube vlogger announced that she will be giving three brand-new cars through a … Read more

Solo Winner of P298-M in Grand Lotto, a Former OFW

grand lotto

Former OFW wins Grand Lotto taking home over P298 million GRAND LOTTO – A former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is the sole winner of more than P298 million jackpot prize in the 6/55 draw on March 27, 2021. According to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), the bettor took home a total of P298,773,641.20 with … Read more

Balikbayan Boxes Amid Pandemic, OFWs Have To Face This Fear

balikbayan boxes

Some changes in Balikbayan Boxes Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are now facing this fear when it comes to the Balikbayan Boxes that they are sending home for their families in the Philippines amid the pandemic. It has been a part of the Filipino culture that those working abroad would send large boxes filled with goods … Read more