Security Personnel Who “Humiliated” Mystica, Fired

Here’s the latest update about Mystica and security personnel issue

MYSTICA – The security personnel who allegedly “humiliated” the comedian-turned-vlogger has been fired.

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Recently, the singer went to a mall alongside her son for a shopping spree.

At one point, she stopped by a store selling equipment and devices and started to sing as per the “request” of a staff.

However, security personnel whose name was withheld allegedly told her that the mall is closing and she should stop her singing.

The security personnel was said to be impolite and this irked the singer-comedian.

Mystica let it pass for a while but later realized that she was being humiliated by the security personnel.

Even the son of Mystica was also enraged and had an altercation with the personnel.

The singer’s son was irate since the security personnel did not even apologize.

The security personnel, on the other hand, asked why he needs to apologize.

But based on her vlog which was uploaded earlier, the security personnel who allegedly humiliated her has been fired.

Watch the video below:

Mystica or Ruby Rose Mauanay Villanueva in the real life is an actress who starred in television series and movies such as Ang Probinsyano (2015), D’ Uragons (2002) and Pipo (2009).

She was dubbed as the “Split Queen” when she rose to stardom as a singer.

She’s active on social media expressing her views on different issues-particularly in showbiz.

As of posting, she has over 19k subscribers on the video-sharing platform, YouTube.

The mall wherein the altercation took place has yet to issue any statement.

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