Diwata Reacts to Harsh Comments of Mystica About his Paresan

Here’s the reaction of Diwata to the harsh comments of Mystica about his paresan

DIWATA – The pares vendor, whose real name is Deo Balbuena, reacted to Mystica’s harsh comments about his business.

Earlier, the former singer-actress, who is now residing in the United States, took to the social networking site Facebook, where she criticized Diwata for appearing uninterested in interacting with his customers. Instead, she observed that Diwata seemed more inclined to engage with content creators who were giving him gifts.

Mystica accused the pares vendor of looking down on fans who wanted photos with him, preferring those who brought him gifts. She argued that he no longer cared about his customers and questioned how people could admire him when he acted so unapproachable. As someone also working in the food industry, Mystica advised him to focus on improving sanitation at his establishment.

“Unahin mo ang sanitation at kalinisan ng mga kumakain sa iyo, yun ang dapat inaasikaso mo, hindi ang mangbara ng mga taong ikaw naman talaga ang pinunta, hindi ang pares mo,” she said. “Hindi niya alam na ito ang magpapabagsak sa kanyang nilalangaw at dugyot na ugali, dugyot na katawan at pagmumukha at dugyot na paresan!” she added.

Diwata dismissed Mystica’s opinion, stating his focus is on his business. “Ang importante sa akin, business ko,” he said.

The conflict between the two elicited mixed reactions from their followers, with some supporting Diwata’s business focus while others agreeing with Mystica’s critique. Despite the controversy, Diwata remains committed to his business known for its affordability and satisfying offerings. Mystica, meanwhile, is currently working abroad.

As of press time, Mystica has yet to react to Diwata’s response, as he is now busy with the opening of his paresan branch in Quezon City.

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