Diwata Revisits the Bridge Where He Once Lived


Pares Vendor Diwata Revisits Bridge Where He Used to Live DIWATA – The social media personality and pares vendor revisited his former residence under a bridge where he once lived and assisted those still residing there. He personally repacked groceries and distributed them to homeless individuals, aiming to alleviate their daily struggles. Diwata expressed a … Read more

Boss Toyo Sells Diwata’s Cooking Pot for P50K After Buying It from Pares Vendor for P3K

Boss Toyo Sells Diwata’s Cooking Pot for Substantial Amount BOSS TOYO – The content creator and entrepreneur made a substantial profit by selling a pot he bought from internet sensation Diwata. To recall, Boss Toyo added another valuable item to his collection when Diwata sold him the first cooking pot used in his Paresan business. … Read more

Francis Leo Marcos Slams Diwata: “Lilipas din ‘yan”

Francis Leo Marcos

Francis Leo Marcos Disappointed with Diwata FRANCIS LEO MARCOS – The self-proclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist expressed his disappointment with internet sensation Deo Balbuena, also known as Diwata, during one of his Facebook livestreams. Francis, who regained his freedom last year, expressed disappointment at how Diwata seemed to have been consumed by his fame. He believed … Read more

Alvin TV Receives a Car as a Gift from Diwata

Alvin TV and Diwata

Diwata Surprises Vlogger Alvin TV with Car ALVIN TV – The vlogger renowned for closely following entrepreneur Deo Balbuena, aka Diwata, was taken by surprise when Diwata gifted him a car. Alvin has been diligently documenting Diwata’s daily life, and in a recent vlog, Diwata presented him with an old sedan that he used to … Read more

Korina Sanchez Gives a Pair of Slippers to Diwata

Korina Sanchez

Journalist Korina Sanchez gave a pair of slippers to Diwata during her visit to the paresan of the social media personality-entrepreneur. Instead of luxurious items such as cars, money, a house, and a lot, Diwata received a pair of new slippers from none other than Korina, who is famous for giving away free slippers.

Diwata Called ‘Dugyot’ by Mystica

Diwata and Mystica

Pares vendor-turned-social media personality Diwata received criticism from former singer-actress Mystica. In a Facebook video, Mystica slammed Diwata, calling the latter “dugyot,” and expressed strong words about his paresan or his food business.

Mystica Slams Diwata, Calls Pares Vendor ‘Dugyot’


Mystica has a furious message for Diwata MYSTICA – The former singer-actress expressed her disappointment with how Diwata interacts with his fans and manages his business. In a Facebook post, Mystica, who is now living in the United States, criticized Diwata for seeming uninterested in engaging with his customers. However, Mystica observed that Diwata was … Read more

Green Soldier Prefers to Help Others Over Diwata

Green Soldier

Green Soldier: “Kung papipiliin ako ng taong tutulungan e siguro hindi na si Diwata” GREEN SOLDIER – The social media personality reportedly prioritizes aiding others over assisting Diwata. “Green Soldier” is the stage name of Tito Noel, whose real name is Jhonwel Reyes. He is a popular mime street performer in the Philippines, known for … Read more