Korina Sanchez Gives a Pair of Slippers to Diwata

Journalist Korina Sanchez gave a pair of slippers to Diwata during her visit to the paresan of the social media personality-entrepreneur.

Instead of luxurious items such as cars, money, a house, and a lot, Diwata received a pair of new slippers from none other than Korina, who is famous for giving away free slippers.

Diwata Receives a Pair of Slippers from Korina Sanchez

Korina Sanchez Gifts Diwata a Pair of Slippers

KORINA SANCHEZ – The award-winning journalist gifted a pair of slippers to social media personality and entrepreneur Diwata.

Instead of money, cars, houses, or expensive gadgets, Korina opted to give a pair of slippers as a gift when she visited and featured Diwata on her show “Rated Korina.” “He gave me his phenom pares dish. So I gave him a pares ng tsinelas,” said Korina, known for her advocacy of giving slippers to those in need.

“Diwata is currently a hot bowl of talk of the town and is viral because of his rise from the ashes to pares stardom,” she said. “Yes ‘siken’ is chicken. And his pares sauce with crunchy chicharon bulaklak + lechon kawali (instead of beef) w unli rice and soda for P100 —- is where hundreds of pilgrims a day line up for,” Korina added.

Meanwhile, Diwata is a social media personality and entrepreneur known for selling “pares.” Originally from Samar, he moved to Manila for better opportunities. His journey included hardships like living under a bridge and working various jobs before finding success with his 24-hour pares business, which is rooting for expansion and franchise opportunities.

On the other hand, Korina Sanchez is a prominent broadcast journalist, television news anchor, senior field reporter, magazine show host, radio anchor, and newspaper columnist. Born on October 5, 1964, in Victoria, Hong Kong, she has been a prominent figure in Philippine media since the 1980s. Sanchez is widely recognized for her extensive work in journalism, particularly for her roles on ABS-CBN, one of the largest media networks in the Philippines.

Throughout her career, Sanchez has hosted various television programs, including “Rated K,” “TV Patrol,” “Bandila,” “Balitang K,” and “Morning Girls with Kris and Korina.” She has also contributed to radio shows and written columns for newspapers such as The Philippine Star and Pilipino Star Ngayon.

In addition to her professional achievements, Sanchez is known for her advocacy work and philanthropy. She has been involved in various charitable initiatives, including providing aid to communities affected by natural disasters and advocating for causes such as education and poverty alleviation.

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