Balancing Progress: Government Goals vs. the Realities of Jeepney Modernization

jeepney modernization

The Impact of Jeepney Modernization JEEPNEY MODERNIZATION – The jeepney phaseout in the Philippines has become a contentious issue, with strong arguments arising against its implementation, particularly due to its perceived adverse impact on the lower-income population. These iconic vehicles not only serve as a crucial mode of transportation but also represent a way of … Read more

Traditional Jeepney Towing a Modernized Mini Bus Goes Viral, Earns Mixed Reactions

traditional jeepney vs modernized mini bus

A photo of traditional jeepney towing a modernized mini bus NO TO JEEPNEY PHASEOUT? – A photo of traditional jeepney towing a modernized mini bus has gone viral, garnerning mixed reactions from the netizens. Jeepneys have long been a symbol of Filipino culture and a staple of transportation in the Philippines. However, the country’s rapidly … Read more

Grace Poe to Proposed Jeepney Phaseout: “Ang ganda ng pamasko nila”

Grace Poe

Senator Grace Poe Criticizes Proposed Jeepney Phaseout Senator Grace Poe criticized the proposed jeepney phaseout as a part of modernization program “Ang ganda ng pamasko nila”. On Wednesday (December 16, 2020), Senator Grace Poe lambasted the proposed removal of traditional jeepney along the road within this month. She described the traditional jeeps as road worthy … Read more