Charter Change is Not Necessary

charter change

Why Charter Change is Not Necessary? Changing a country’s constitution, known as charter change, might not be a good idea for a few reasons. Firstly, it can mess up the stability of the country. Constitutions are like the rulebook for how the country is run, and changing them can cause confusion and disagreements among different … Read more

Manila Traffic: A Big Time-Waster


Manila’s Mega Traffic Troubles Traffic in Manila is a really big problem. Imagine being stuck in a super long line of cars that hardly moves at all. Well, that’s what happens a lot in Manila. It’s like a never-ending sea of vehicles, and people spend a very long time just trying to go a short … Read more

Open-Secured Relationship is Dangerous

open-secured relationship

What is an open-secured relationship? An open-secured relationship, although it might seem like a modern and liberating concept, can carry certain risks and challenges that individuals should be aware of. In simple terms, an open-secured relationship is when a couple agrees to allow each other some degree of romantic freedom outside the primary relationship while … Read more

299 ENGAGEMENT RING ISSUE – Does the Price Matter?

engagement ring

Does the Price of Engagement Ring Matter? Lately, everyone has been talking about the P299 engagement ring issue. A woman is upset because she found out her boyfriend got her ring from Shopee, and it only cost 299 pesos. Now, she’s thinking about whether she should be upset or if she’s acting too childish. She’s … Read more

Embracing Positivity: A New Year, A Fresh Start

new year

A fresh start awaits in the new year as we embrace positivity As we step into a new year, it’s an opportune time to embrace a fresh perspective and cultivate a positive mindset. Adopting a positive outlook is akin to opening a door to numerous possibilities and personal growth. Firstly, a positive mindset involves focusing … Read more

Firecrackers Should Be Totally Banned in the Philippines


Why Firecrackers Should Be Banned in the Philippines Banning firecrackers in the Philippines is a proposal grounded in concerns for public safety, environmental impact, and community well-being. One primary reason supporting this idea is the inherent danger associated with firecracker use. Year after year, reports emerge of injuries and fatalities resulting from accidents involving these … Read more

Avoid Overeating During the Holiday Season

holiday eating

Healthy Habits for Holiday Eating During the holiday season, it’s a good idea to be mindful of how much we eat to keep ourselves healthy. When we say “overeating,” we mean eating more food than our bodies need. Sometimes, during special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s, we’re surrounded by delicious foods, and it can … Read more

Why Givers Are Happier Than Takers

givers vs takers

Finding Happiness in Giving The saying that the happiest people are the ones who give, not take, tells us something really important about being happy. It’s about being kind and helpful to others without expecting anything in return. When people do good things, like helping others or being generous, it makes them feel happy. This … Read more