Why We Should Say ‘No’ to Cheating in Relationships


Why Cheating Is Destructive to Relationships Cheating should never be accepted in a relationship because it can cause serious harm and damage the strong bond between partners. Imagine a relationship like a precious flower. Cheating is like a weed that can grow and take away the sunlight and water that the flower needs to bloom. … Read more

Using Your Christmas Bonus Wisely

Christmas bonus

Smart Ways to Spend Your Christmas Bonus A Christmas bonus is like a special gift of money during the holiday season. It’s a chance for people to decide what they want to do with it. Depending on each person’s situation, there are good ways to use this extra money. First, it’s smart to use some … Read more

Balancing Progress: Government Goals vs. the Realities of Jeepney Modernization

jeepney modernization

The Impact of Jeepney Modernization JEEPNEY MODERNIZATION – The jeepney phaseout in the Philippines has become a contentious issue, with strong arguments arising against its implementation, particularly due to its perceived adverse impact on the lower-income population. These iconic vehicles not only serve as a crucial mode of transportation but also represent a way of … Read more

Miss Universe Should Have Been Exclusive for ‘Naturally Born Females’

Miss Universe

Why Miss Universe Should Only Have Been for ‘Naturally Born Females’ Discussions continue on the internet, especially on different social media platforms, arguing that Miss Universe should have only been for ‘naturally born females.’ In this year’s pageant, Miss Universe features two married women with children and two transgender women, marking a historic shift in … Read more

Buy Local, Support Local: A Call for Filipinos

local products

A Call for Filipinos to Prioritize Homegrown Products In a world where we can easily buy things from anywhere, Filipinos need to think about how their choices affect our country. Sometimes, we get so drawn to products from other countries that we forget how important it is to support what’s made here. When we buy … Read more

Why Special Elections are Necessary

special elections

The Necessity of Special Elections Special elections are held to fill a vacant public office that is not scheduled to be filled during a regular election. They are usually called when a seat becomes unexpectedly vacant, often due to reasons like an elected official’s resignation, death, removal, or sometimes if an election outcome is contested … Read more

Vote-Buying in the Philippines: A Threat to Fair and Honest Elections


Challenges of Combating Vote-Buying in Philippine Elections The persistence of vote-buying and selling in Philippine elections, despite stringent regulations and clear warnings, is a grave concern for the democratic process. These illicit practices, involving the exchange of money, gifts, or favors for votes, undermine the very foundations of fair and honest elections. The fact that … Read more

Hacking of Government Websites: Why Should We Be Concerned?

government websites hacking

Why should we worry if government websites are getting hacked? In the past few days, several government websites experienced data breaches or hacking, including the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, and the Philippine Statistics Authority with The House of Representatives as the latest victim. After witnessing a surge in cyberattacks, the Senate’s technology team made adjustments … Read more