50 Pesos as the Minimum Fare for Modern Jeepneys is Indeed Too Much

OTC warns against the spread of information about the supposed minimum fare for modern jeepneys.

Charging 50 pesos as the minimum fare for modern jeepneys doesn’t seem fair, according to the Office of Transportation Cooperatives (OTC). They say it’s too much and doesn’t make sense. The OTC looks after transportation rules and doesn’t agree with this high fare, especially since they are working on making public transport better.

The head of OTC, Mr. Ortega, points out that in the last six years, the fare for regular jeeps went up from 9 to 13 pesos. For fancier, modern jeeps, it increased from 11 to 15 pesos. So, saying it should suddenly be 50 pesos doesn’t match up with how things changed before.

Mr. Ortega says we need to be careful with the information we share. Talking about the modernization program is a touchy subject, and we should only share correct facts. Making people believe that the fare is 50 pesos without good reasons isn’t right, according to him. He thinks it’s not fair to ask for so much more money without any clear reasons or improvements in the service.

He is worried that if we spread the wrong information, it could make people confused and upset. If everyone believes the fare is going up so much, it might make it harder for the modernization program to work well.

A group called PARA-Advocated for Inclusive Transport also doesn’t like the idea of a 50-peso fare. They warned before that it’s not a good plan. So, looking at what the transportation experts say and the warnings from this group, it seems like asking for 50 pesos is too much, and it might not be a good idea.

It will eventually lead to an outcry from the commuting public, especially since the prices of goods and other necessities continue to shoot up.

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