Traditional Jeepney Towing a Modernized Mini Bus Goes Viral, Earns Mixed Reactions

A photo of traditional jeepney towing a modernized mini bus

NO TO JEEPNEY PHASEOUT? – A photo of traditional jeepney towing a modernized mini bus has gone viral, garnerning mixed reactions from the netizens.

Jeepneys have long been a symbol of Filipino culture and a staple of transportation in the Philippines. However, the country’s rapidly growing urban population has put a strain on the environment and public health, with the jeepneys contributing significantly to air pollution.

As a result, the government has proposed a phaseout of old jeepneys and the replacement of these vehicles with more modern, eco-friendly alternatives. While this move has been met with resistance from some quarters, there is recognition that action needs to be taken to address the country’s environmental and health challenges.

Credit: Stanford Future Bay Initiative

A jeepney phaseout may be a difficult change, but it could ultimately lead to a cleaner and healthier future for all Filipinos. However, some do not agree with the government’s plan to phase out the traditional jeepneys. There were groups tagging the said program as anti-poor.

However, there have been some creative netizens who have been posting funny memes in support of their #NoToJeepneyPhaseout campaign. One of the examples is a photo of a traditional jeepney towing a modernized mini bus.

Among the pages that posted the photo on Facebook is BoyetRider. His post immediately went viral, garnering mixed reactions from the netizeens. One of the netizens wrote: “DPAT I phaseout yung mga taong nag papa phaseout sa jeep.”

Meanwhile, the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) calls for the phasing-out of jeepneys, buses and other PUVs that are at least 15 years old and replacing them with safer, more comfortable and more environmentally-friendly alternatives over the next three years.

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