Daughter Pays Tribute to Her Jeepney Driver Dad: “No to Jeepney Phaseout!”

A daughter calls for a halt to the jeepney phaseout in a tribute post to her dad

NO TO JEEPNEY PHASEOUT – A Facebook post by someone named “Daniela Narito Par” has gone viral on social media, where she pays tribute to her father, a jeepney driver, and expresses her opposition to the impending “jeepney phaseout”.

Daniela, a commuter and the daughter of a jeepney driver, begins her post by recounting her childhood experiences. She used to wait for her father at the corner of Pacific Mall after school, eagerly anticipating a ride on the jeepney with her siblings, deciding who would get the backseat. Daniela reminisces about the unique experiences of being a jeepney driver’s child, sharing how her father, whom she fondly calls “papa,” would talk to his jeep and express gratitude for the day’s work.

According to Daniela, her father has made numerous sacrifices for his jeepney, named ‘Limo.’ Despite facing challenges like transmission issues, he ensures the vehicle is in good condition before calling it a day. Daniela acknowledges the many lives her father has touched, providing free rides to people and even contributing to her education. She proudly declares herself as the daughter of a jeepney driver and emphasizes the potential loss of livelihood for many like her father if forced to adapt to the changes in transportation.

“Madaming katulad ng tatay ko ang mawawalan ng kabuhayan at kabataan na aagawan nyo ng pangarap kung ipipilit nating sumabay sa pagbabago ng transportation,” she noted:

Here’s her post:

Daniela graduated from Southern Luzon University in Lucban, Quezon, and is now a licensed engineer after passing the April 2023 board exam for electrical engineering. She also passed the Master Electrician Licensure Examination in September 2022. As of the writing of this article, Daniela’s viral Facebook post has garnered 8.5k reactions and 5.3k shares.

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