57-Year-Old Lady Teacher Allegedly Dies Due to Overwork

Lady Teacher

57-Year-Old Lady Teacher Passed Away After Principal Refused to Grant her Sick Leave A 57-year-old lady teacher allegedly passed away due to overwork, the school principal did not allow her to be absent without completing her task. The Facebook page “Education Frontliner” reported that an elderly teacher from Daraga, Albay died due to overwork after … Read more

Marites Community Caught Elderly Woman Stealing Male Citizen’s Money

Marites Community

Elderly Woman Caught by Marites Community Trying to Steal Male Citizen’s Money ROBBERY ATTEMPT – Marites community at the market caught an elderly woman stealing the money of a male citizen. Robbery has been one of the most common crimes happening not only in the Philippines but also in various countries all around the world. Thieves … Read more

Elderly Woman Accidentally Burns Life Savings Amounting to P14,000

life savings

Apo on her lola’s life savings: “Dahil po sa di inaasahang pangyayare ay naigatong o nasunog po ang kanyang pera.” A netizen is asking for help after her grandmother accidentally burnt her life savings amounting to P14,000. SarahLie Gahis de Guzman was shocked as she shares the tragic incident on the social networking site, Facebook … Read more

Elderly Woman Selling “Walis Tingting” to Survive Earns Public Sympathy

Elderly Woman

Elderly Woman Sells “Walis Tingting” to Survive Amid Coronavirus Pandemic The heartbreaking photo of an elderly woman selling “walis tingting” to survive earned the sympathy of the public. Nowadays, many people are doing their very best just to get a reliable source of income to provide the necessities of the family amid the coronavirus pandemic. … Read more

Poor Grandma Selling Rugs Amidst Heavy Rain Just To Feed GrandKids

Poor Grandma

Heartbreaking Photos of Poor Grandma Selling Rugs Amidst Heavy Rain Goes Viral The heartbreaking photos of a poor grandma selling rugs amidst the heavy rain just to earn money to feed her grandkids goes viral. A Facebook user named De Lion Paul has shared the photos of a 79-year-old granny who is selling rugs despite … Read more

Elderly Woman Slams President Duterte Over ABS-CBN Shutdown

Elderly Woman

Elderly Woman to President Duterte: “May God had mercy on your soul” ABS-CBN SHUTDOWN – An elderly woman lambasted President Rodrigo Duterte over the ABS-CBN shutdown and called him as ‘k!ller of democracy’. Since last week, the Kapamilya network becomes the headlines and the most trending topics in various news outlets and social media pages … Read more