Elderly Woman Collects Junks to Feed Rescued Stray Cats & Dogs

Elderly Woman Touches Hearts of Netizens for Collecting Junks to Earn Money to Feed her Pets

An elderly woman touches many hearts by collecting junk to earn money to feed her rescued stray cats and dogs.

John Albert Sanico, a Facebook user, has shared photos of an elderly woman on a busy street in Malate, Manila, who seems to have taken in stray cats and dogs. The post quickly circulated online and garnered various reactions from the internet users.

According to Sanico, the elderly woman and her furry companions are often seen roaming around Quirino Avenue and settling near the back of the Victoria de Manila condominium in Malate.

Elderly Woman

The woman collects garbage to sell, using the earnings to afford food not only for herself but also for the animals she cares for.

Sanico mentioned the elderly woman’s request for a sidecar to accommodate her rescued animals. Many netizens expressed their desire to find the woman to extend help. He shared that he was deeply moved by the situation, as he also has a soft spot for stray dogs and cats.

Due to limited space in his home, Sanico focuses on providing a feeding program for stray dogs and cats in his area.

Elderly Woman

Here is the full post:

Share ko lang tong photos ni Nanay at kanyang mga rescued strays. (Dogs and Cats)

Madalas sila along Quirino and dun daw sila madalas natutulog sa likod ng Victoria De Manila VDM Malate manila. (Photo taken in front of VDM along taft)

Nangangalakal si nanay pang kain niya at mga strays. Medyo gutom na ung dogs and cats niya. Nilapitan ko at mababait sila. Nagbgay lang ako ng onting halaga. Kasi wala akong dalang cat/dog food. At pauwi ako sa Las Pinas.

Sa makakita sa kanila sa area na yan. Sana mabigyan niyo po sila ng cat and dog food. And hiling ni nanay na Sidecar/padyak sana dahil ndi na kasya ung mga rescued niya.

Maraming salamat”

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The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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