Mystica Slams Diwata, Calls Pares Vendor ‘Dugyot’


Mystica has a furious message for Diwata MYSTICA – The former singer-actress expressed her disappointment with how Diwata interacts with his fans and manages his business. In a Facebook post, Mystica, who is now living in the United States, criticized Diwata for seeming uninterested in engaging with his customers. However, Mystica observed that Diwata was … Read more

Woman Missing for Weeks After Visiting Paresan of Diwata


After visiting the paresan of Diwata, a woman has been missing for several weeks MISSING PERSON – A woman has been missing for several weeks after visiting the paresan of Deo Balbuena, popularly known as Diwata. Dina Ancheta, a 36-year-old woman from Cainta, Rizal, has been reported missing for weeks. She was last seen by … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Visits Paresan of Diwata


Content creator and social media personality Alex Gonzaga paid a visit to the paresan of Diwata, whose real name is Deo Jarito Balbuena. However, Diwata seemed to be unhappy during Alex’s visit, as netizens suggested that he might be exhausted or not pleased.

Diwata Seems Unhappy During Alex Gonzaga’s Visit to His Paresan


Netizens Noticed Apparent Displeasure with Diwata During Alex Gonzaga’s Visit to His Paresan DIWATA – Netizens noticed that the social media personality and entrepreneur seemed unhappy during Alex Gonzaga’s visit to his paresan. Social media users reacted to the visit of TV personality Alex Gonzaga to social media figure and entrepreneur Deo Jarito Balbuena, popularly … Read more