Woman Missing for Weeks After Visiting Paresan of Diwata

After visiting the paresan of Diwata, a woman has been missing for several weeks

MISSING PERSON – A woman has been missing for several weeks after visiting the paresan of Deo Balbuena, popularly known as Diwata.

Dina Ancheta, a 36-year-old woman from Cainta, Rizal, has been reported missing for weeks. She was last seen by her family on the night of April 16, when she informed her sibling that she was going to meet a male friend she had recently met on Facebook. After their meeting, she updated her sibling that they were at a paresan in Pasay City. There has been no further contact with Ancheta since this communication.

The day she disappeared, Ancheta had planned to visit a popular stall operated by the internet sensation known as Diwata, but she never returned home. Her family was unaware that she intended to meet someone she had met on the internet, and authorities are now investigating to identify this man.

The police have initiated a backtracking effort to trace the possible routes Ancheta might have taken, driving her red Toyota Vios with the license plate BAA-2196. The search continues as both her relatives and the police seek more information about her whereabouts and the identity of the man she was supposed to meet.

When someone goes missing, it is important to act quickly. First, confirm their absence and gather key details about their last known whereabouts and personal circumstances. Immediately report the disappearance to the police, providing a detailed description and a recent photograph of the missing person. Visit local hospitals and morgues to search for any unidentified individuals.

Leverage social media and contact local media to help spread the word, and consider reaching out to organizations like the Philippine Red Cross for additional assistance. Maintain regular contact with the police for updates and consider hiring a private investigator if necessary. During this difficult time, maintain hope and rely on the support of friends, family, and support groups for families of missing persons.

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