Diwata Sells First Cooking Pot He Used in His Paresan to Boss Toyo

Boss Toyo Buys the First Cooking Pot Diwata Used in His Paresan

DIWATA – The social media personality and entrepreneur sold the first cooking pot he had used in his Paresan business to Boss Toyo.

Boss Toyo added another valuable item to his collection when social media sensation Deo Balbuena, popularly known as Diwata, sold the first cooking pot he used in his Paresan business. Diwata made the offer during an episode of “Pinoy Pawstar” where he visited Boss Toyo’s shop. He shared the story of how he started his Paresan business along Roxas Boulevard while he was homeless.

Initially, Diwata intended to sell the pot for 3,500 pesos, but Boss Toyo attempted to negotiate the price down to 3,000 pesos. To authenticate the pot and enhance its value, Diwata signed it. He even offered his flip-flops as a bonus, but Boss Toyo declined the gesture.

Boss Toyo planned to showcase the pot in his upcoming museum, dedicated to Philippine pop culture, to preserve Diwata’s legacy. He expressed, “Yung buhay niya galing sa hirap, umangat ‘yung buhay. Yun ang ginagawa ni Pinoy Pawnstars, ang maipaalala sa lahat ng henerasyon at mananatili tayong institusyon.”

Meanwhile, Diwata is a social media personality and entrepreneur known for selling “pares.” Originally from Samar, he moved to Manila for better opportunities. His journey included hardships like living under a bridge and working various jobs before finding success with his 24-hour pares business, which is rooting for expansion and franchise opportunities.

On the other hand, Boss Toyo, whose real name is Jayson Luzadas, is known as the main buyer and one of the personalities featured in the Filipino reality TV show “Pinoy Pawn Stars.” In the show, he assesses and negotiates deals for various items brought in by sellers looking to pawn or sell their belongings. He gained popularity for his shrewd bargaining skills and his interactions with sellers on the show.

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