Xian Lim Reacts To “Steak” Issue on Breakup with Kim Chiu

Xian Lim Says He Did Not Initiate Breakup with Kim Chiu

XIAN LIM – The actor-director reacted to the “steak” issue on his breakup with Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu.

One of the most controversial breakups in the Philippine showbiz industry last year was the breakup of Xian and Kim who were together for 12 years. It was something that many people did not see coming a few days before Christmas in 2023.

Kim Chiu, Xian Lim
Photo from Philippine Star

Kim and Xian started as on-screen partners. They worked together in the hit television series My Binondo Girl and The Story of Us. Back then, when they admitted that are officially together, the former couple made the announcement at the time when they were not doing a project.

Then, Xian was vocal that he does not want people to think what that they had was just a promotion for a project. Undeniably, the KimXi was among the lowkey celebrity relationships in the showbiz industry. However, their breakup was surrounded by intrigues.

Xian Lim
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There were rumors that Xian Lim had a third party in his breakup with Kim Chiu. There were also issues that the actor allegedly asked his then-girlfriend to cook steak for him and when he was eating the steak that the actress has prepared, he broke up with her.

Recently, in an interview with Inquirer, Xian debunked the “steak” issue regarding his breakup with Kim. He stressed that it is not true and he does not know where it is coming from.

“It’s absurd. I don’t see where it’s coming from. Is it because people are using us for entertainment? I Cannot orchestrate that,” the actor said.

Xian Lim, Kim Chiu

Xian asserted that he is living truthfully and it is probably one of the reasons why he receives a lot of intrigues. During the interview, the actor-filmmaker expressed that he earned a lot of below-the-belt statements from other people and his mom advised him to stay away from news and social media.

The actor stressed that he worked hard for 15 years to get to where he is now and he does not want the people to remember him just because of his breakup with Kim. He gave credits to his mother for being the person who helped him cope on his breakup with someone he’s been with for 12 years.

“She’s my support, my pillar, the wall I lean on, even until now. I’m lucky that she’s a strong woman. Other people might have broken down because of what’s happening,” he said of his mom.

Currently, Xian Lim is devoting his time to producing a film. Xian also admitted seeing Iris Lee, also a producer.

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