Jake Zyrus Tops Google Search Results for Berting Labra

Jake Zyrus Dominates Google Searches for Berting Labra

JAKE ZYRUS – The singer once again finds himself at the center of ridicule as some internet users stumble upon his appearance in Google search results for the late actor Berting Labra.

This incident recalls the recent buzz surrounding Jake, where his alleged resemblance to the late actor garnered attention from entertainment websites last month. The image featuring Jake in Berting Labra’s search results also highlights the similarity between him and the actor.

Some online users feel sorrowful when they observe Jake’s current look, transitioning from Charice Pempengco to his current identity. One user expressed disappointment, reminiscing about Jake’s talent and how they used to admire him before his transition. According to the netizen, it would have been acceptable for Jake to remain a lesbian without altering his appearance.

This incident isn’t the first time Google has produced unusual results for celebrities in the Philippines. As of now, Jim Paredes’ Google search yields numerous images from one of his private videos, possibly seen by millions of internet users.

Meanwhile, Berting Labra was a prominent actor celebrated for his versatility in comedy, drama, action films, and musicals. His career spanned over six decades, from 1945 until his passing on February 10, 2009. Labra began his acting journey as a child star, making his debut at the age of six. He gained recognition for his roles alongside Fernando Poe Sr. in various films such as “Palaboy ng Tadhana” and “Sagur.” Notably, Labra’s performance in “Lo’ Waist Gang” in 1956 solidified his status as a beloved actor and marked the beginning of his lifelong friendship with Fernando Poe Jr.

Throughout his career, Labra starred in numerous films, showcasing his acting prowess across various genres. He received critical acclaim, winning several awards, including the FAMAS Best Supporting Actor award for his role in “Lumuluhang Komiko” in 1964.

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