Xian Lim Admits He Called Kim Chiu after their Breakup

Xian Lim Speaks on Controversial Breakup with Kim Chiu

XIAN LIM – The actor-filmmaker revealed that he has really called his actress ex-girlfriend, Kim Chiu, after they broke up.

Several long-time celebrity couples broke up in the previous year. Among those who have chosen to end their relationships were Kim and Xian who were a couple for 12 years before their breakup. However, their split was surrounded by several rumors and allegations.

Kim Chiu, Xian Lim

Undeniably, it is Xian who earned a lot of negative criticisms following his breakup with Kim. Not only him but as well as his family earned negative statements from the people they don’t know as per the actor.

Xian Lim was also linked to Iris Lee, a film producer. After a while of rumors and speculations, the actor-filmmaker confirmed that they are dating. However, the bashing to the actor has continued. There was also a rumor that he has called the actress to tell her to announce that he has a new girlfriend.

Xian Lim, Iris Lee
Photo from Philstar Life

Recently, in an interview with Inquirer, Xian Lim admitted that he has called Kim Chiu after their breakup but not to tell her to announce about his new relationship. According to the actor, he called his ex-girlfriend to “beg” to her if they could release a statement as things were getting way too out of hand.

Xian Lim

Xian expressed that someone has even wished his grandmother to die because of anger towards him. According to the actor-filmmaker, Kim told her that they can do it in time. The announcement of their breakup happened in December, just a few days before Christmas.

According to Xian Lim, he and Kim Chiu were on good terms from the time they separated. He is currently focusing on movie-making. He is in abroad filming and he has also attended the Cannes Film Festival in France with Iris Lee.

Xian stressed that he does not want to be remembered because of the breakup but because of the projects that he has done and for living truthfully. During the interview, he was also vocal that his mother has been a big factor on how he coped with the breakup.

Aside from the rumors that he called Kim to tell her to announce his new relationship, there are also rumors that Xian has asked Kim to cook steak for him. Allegedly, when they were already eating, the actor started initiating that they should just break up.

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