Alex Gonzaga Visits Paresan of Diwata

Content creator and social media personality Alex Gonzaga paid a visit to the paresan of Diwata, whose real name is Deo Jarito Balbuena.

However, Diwata seemed to be unhappy during Alex’s visit, as netizens suggested that he might be exhausted or not pleased.

Diwata Seems Unhappy During Alex Gonzaga’s Visit to His Paresan

Netizens Noticed Apparent Displeasure with Diwata During Alex Gonzaga’s Visit to His Paresan

DIWATA – Netizens noticed that the social media personality and entrepreneur seemed unhappy during Alex Gonzaga’s visit to his paresan.

Social media users reacted to the visit of TV personality Alex Gonzaga to social media figure and entrepreneur Deo Jarito Balbuena, popularly known as “Diwata.” In an upcoming vlog, Alex shared a glimpse during their visit to Diwata Pares Overload. Alex was accompanied by her husband, Mikee Morada.

However, many online observers couldn’t help but notice Diwata’s demeanor, suggesting that he seemed less than pleased by Alex’s visit. Some speculated that Diwata appeared fatigued due to the influx of customers and frequent features by vloggers on his business.

“Sinong di magagalit, pagod na yan buong maghapon tas may mga vlogger pa na laging nangungulit sa kanya. Tas yung mga tao pa na ang kukulit siguro at maiingay,” a netizen commented. “Focus kasi sa goal si Diwata, gusto niya yumaman, kasi minsan di niya magawa mga dapat niya gawin dahil sa daming vloggers na ginagatasan siya. Buti sana kung may percent na binibigay sa kanya,” remarked another netizen.

It’s worth noting that Diwata had previously reminded vloggers about boundaries and requested privacy. “Mayroon na tayong kitchen so kailangan na natin ng limitasyon, wag kayong magagalit kapag hindi kayo pinayagan dahil karapatan ko naman ‘yan,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Diwata, whose real name is Deo Balbuena, made headlines in September 2016 for his runway walk even while injured after being involved in a scuffle with his friends in Pasay City. The altercation reportedly began when the suspects became angry after he asked them to leave the area under the bridge in Pasay, where he caught them using illegal drugs.

Presently, he manages a pares business. His eatery attracts long queues, offering dishes such as crispy pork belly, fried intestine, beef broth, soft drinks, and unlimited rice, all for the price of ₱100. Despite facing challenges, Balbuena eventually found success. He worked as a construction worker before starting his small eatery.

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